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This community is for artist of almost all shapes and sizes to come together and share their art.

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Who is welcome here?
Everyone, whether you are an artist or not. If you just want to chat about art, that's fine. Learn, question, discuss and show off. Anything off the topic of art will be deleted.

What kind of artist are welcome here?
Any kind, really. Painting, drawing, graphic...please see rules though for posting art.

Is it okay to ask a question about art supplies, classes, schools or a way to do something?
As long as it's art related, it doesn't matter!

Rules for Posting
+ Keep it clean!
+ No fighting.
+ All posts must be art related.
+ For now, you may promote other ART communities
+ You may post fake cuts.

Rules for Posting Art
+ Do NOT post someone else's art.
+ Do NOT post someone else's art and claim it as your own.
+ Fanart is okay as long as it's just not a copy, it must be different from the orignal.
+ Please do not post icons, I realize that icons can be a form of art but this is not an icon community. This does for weblayouts, headers, friends only banners, banners, etc.
+ No hentia/porn/etc. art. Try to keep it PG-13 or lower.
+ Keep the gore to a min. Try to keep it PG-13 or lower.
+ You may post stock photography for others to use. Remember to include what can be done with your stock. If is up to you how you go about this.
+ Do NOT make images too long or big so to mess up people's friends pages. You may post a thumbnail or a smaller version with the larger version under a cut or fake cut or an outside link. To those viewing outside links: I am not responsible for them.
+ You may post in progress work or finished work. Show everyone how a simple sketch turns into a masterpiece!

Rules for Promoting Your Art Stuff
Please do not promote anything above PG-13!!
+ It is okay to promote your Cafepress.com account as long as it's art - and being how 97% of it is it's fine.
+ It is okay to promote your DeviantArt account, Elfwood, etc.
+ It is okay to promote your art website.
+ It is okay to promote your ART journal, but not personal journals!

Requesting Art and Art Trades
+ This is not an art request community but for now it is okay to request something. Please state if you are willing to pay the artist or not. If you are not working out a payment plan with the artist then do not be overly upset if you're not getting what you asked for.
+ Asking for an art trade is fine.
+ Concerning both art trades and art requests, since this is not soley that type of community do not post a ton of these requests. If too many requests are being made and no one is answering them then requests will not be allowed. Same with trades.

Free Image Hosting Links
Photobucket.com - fast and easy to use, already has the HTML you will need to post your images to lj, blogs, etc.

If you have any questions please post them here. No question concerning this community is too small or stupid to ask. You may also suggest other free image hosting sites here too.